Background for the Dissertation

A lady in an evening dress (1825)


A lady reading in her morning dress (1811)


For my Master´s Thesis I was researching in the upbringing of daughters in 19th century Finland. The doctoral studies aim at widening and deepening the understanding of the matter. I am for example seeking answers to the following questions:


Why did the upbringing of girls gain more attention than previously? What were the purposes of female education? Who were the educationalists? What methods were used in teaching and rearing young women? Which were the influences of current ideologies? How was the contribution of girls´ schooling for the future?


The research area embraces the Kingdom of Sweden. Europe constitutes a social and cultural starting point and background. The influence of pedagogic and educational currents circulated between the countries.

Image Source:
Nypl Digital Gallery
Ackermann’s Repository of Arts [...] 1825
Ackermann’s Repository of Arts [...] 1811